Heuristics for Dummies

I've been slightly unsure what the word "Heuristic" actually means in the context of software development. I find a good way to uncover the simple meaning of many of these painful terms is to look at the Greek or Latin it comes from. According to wiki it means "I find, discover". Which at least for me is not much help as I already knew that much.

Determined to finally crack this one (and remove that confused puppy look from my face whenever it crops up in conversation) I stuck out the wiki article and google foo'd some more info. For something that crops up so often, there really doesn't seem to be much info relevant to software/web devs that isn't very general or very specialist.

So, despite the near certainty of getting proverbial egg on my face. I will try and explain a little what these blinkin things are. At least to the best of my knowledge..........

Well it turns out, I've been developing them for some time without realising it (and I guess probably you too). I guess a heuristic can be summed up as a fag-packet-guesstimate to a problem. A rule-of-thumb as opposed to a fixed, definite solution.

More to follow.....

Posted on Jul 17, 2017